E-Gel French 06

E-Gel French 06 Verin Gellak
E-Gel French 06 Verin Gellak
E-Gel French 06 Verin Gellak
E-Gel French 06 Verin Gellak
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Verin E-Gel French 06.

HEMA free and acid free !!

Contents: 15 ml

Verin E-Gel is a unique gel system product. The unique thing is that it is a combination of base and a hard gel. This combination is ideal for strengthening natural nails of any length. E-Gel is light and therefore ideal for natural nails. Because the E-Gel is firm, it makes it possible to build the correct architecture of the nail (apex) and never causes deformation in the stress zone.

Properties of E-Gel:
- Perfect reinforcement of natural nails. It helps to strengthen and grow even the thinnest, softest, damaged nails.
- E-Gel does not deform over time, which makes it possible to strengthen even long nails.
- E-Gel has high pigmentation , it covers the nail in one _. This speeds up the work of the nail technician.
- E-Gel levels itself in a few seconds, making it easy to work even for beginners.
- E-Gel has an average consistency and does not flow under the cuticle and nail wall.
- E-Gel has a low acidity, which completely eliminates chemical and thermal burns.

How to work with E-Gel:
- Prepare the nail (manicure).
- Apply Verin Prep to remove grease and excess water from the nail to remove.
- Apply a thin _ of Verin Primer no acid. This ensures better adhesion of the nail to the base.
- Apply Silicone Base in a thin _ to the entire nail and dry it for 60 seconds in an LED lamp.
- Apply a thin _ of E-Gel and let it dry do not dry. Apply a drop of E-Gel to the wet _ and gently spread it over the center of the nail. Turn the client\'s finger over and build the tip. Work with one finger at a time. Dry for 60 seconds in an LED lamp.
- Apply a thin _ of Verin Top no wipe and dry for 60 seconds. Verin top does not stick, nothing needs to be wiped clean with a cleanser or the like

NOTE: In real life the color may differ from the color in the photo !!

Verin Gellak ® made in Europe

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