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About us - Verin Gellak

How does your day start? Our day starts with a cup of coffee and the desire to be better than yesterday. The pursuit of the best, the new and the ideal is the force that ensures that you invent something unique.
How did it all start? It all started with the desire to create the perfect gel polish for professional use. Gel polish that evens itself out and does not leak onto the skin during polymerization in the lamp. Create a base that fits even the thinnest and most fragile nails. A top that does not lose its shine or crack in a week. And it worked. But we didn't stop there.
What makes us unique? Our uniqueness lies in the fact that Verin Gellak has a high pigment percentage. This means that our gel polish covers in just one to two _s.
The collection of our gel polishes is constantly updated, taking into account all trends, new products, fashionable colors and seasons.
We are young and promising. Our team works for the result. We have many plans and ambitions for its implementation. We move with the times. We know how to create beauty and you deserve to use it.

We give gifts - Verin Gellak

We give gifts

18 February 2024 - VERIN has come up with something nice for you. From today you can choose your own gifts 1️⃣ Are you placing an order for the first time? Enter code WELCOME and receive a €20 discount (on... read more »

Valentine's Day discount - Verin Gellak

Valentine's Day discount

14 February 2024 - Because every woman should be spoiled a little on Valentine's Day, we are giving you a 15% discount on our gel products in our webshop from February 14 to... read more »

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